Humans want to be free.
They want to be themselves.
But as much they want to decide about their life, they are not able to decide about everything.
We are influenced by so many things. No matter about whether it is the society or anything else. There are some facts we cannot influence.
Feelings are the best and worst characteristics of human.
To be addicted to someone includes every relationship.
It will be okay to be addicted to someone if you are happy.
If it changes and you become disappointed or sad, then it will be the best way to change your relationship.
Question yourself: “Why am I feeling sad? Does anthing change in our relationship? …”
It takes time to find an answer. You are able to find an answer and a way, which makes you feel better about the relationship.
Maybe the other one can help you to make it easier for you. Look at yourself, your thoughts and try to structure them.
Every relationship includes kind of addiction.Everyone is different. Everyone has another way to make it work.
Addiction seems to be bad, but we all know we are addicted to some people and we cannot change it, because we love them.
So there is this possibility of finding our own way to handle with this feeling of addiction.
Everyone can make it! Love guides us and relationships will always make us strong.
Learn to love to be addicted to the ones you love!


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