Way through disappointment

Loving people and hating them.
These feelings are so close to each other.
There are moments you enjoy so much.
There are others when there is only hate.

Someone disappoints you.
Maybe you feel sad.
Maybe you are angry.
Maybe you are confused.
Maybe you are feeling like everything together.

There is this possibility of loosing yourself while you feel hate.
You really do not know what you do. You are in anger and say stupid things to this person.
You apologize after recognising that you have totally overreacted.

Or you can control yourself.
You are able to think about this situation. You ask yourself why does this person act like this?
You try to find out a reason for yourself. You ask yourself why.
You are looking at yourself. Did you do anything wrong? Were there mistakes you did? You question yourself.
You try to calm down.
Maybe you think about or do something else.
We humans are ingenious. We find something, which make us feel happy.
It does not answer our problems, but it helps us to have positive feelings, which let us see things more clearly.
We become more and more strength to talk about our feelings, about our bad ones.

We are able to confront the other one with the situation, because we want to find out why this had happened.
There are two ways. The first one would be you get an answer, which makes sense.
The other way is. You get an answer, which does not make any sense to you.
Whether this disappointment seperates people from each other, is up to everyone.
We all can decide about everything we do. We all have this option of going a way we feel comfortable with.
It is up to us to take care of what we do, how we act and how we treat others.


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