Complex humans

What is going on in our minds?
Are we able to find out what others are thinking?
We can talk to them. We can look in their eyes.
There are possibilities to analyse a person’s face, whether he/she tells the truth or not.
But are we able to find out, what persons really think and mean while we are talking to them?
Humans are so conplex in thinking and acting.
Watching them should be a possibility to find out more about them, but it is not.
You can try to use it as a possibility, but as more you are watching them, as less you are able to understand them.
It is totally confusing to analyse someone.

I am not able to give an useful answer to all these questions.
I guess the first step is to understand myself before I can understand others.
But trying to analyse myself is as confusing as analysing other ones.
I do not want to know everything about anyone. I only want to try to understand how humans are structured.

Maybe there will never be an exactly answer for all these questions, but fact is that we are all complex in the way we are thinking and acting.
Maybe there will be a day to understand why we are who we are and maybe we will never know.
Nevertheless we can try to learn more about ourselves and we can learn about other ones.
Fascinating, isn’t it?


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