Bright side of winter

Winter a cold and snowy time
All the plants are under the snow
A white snow cover lying on the earth

It is a dark, rainy, swowy and depressed time
Some become influenced by it
Others not

No matter about how dark anything is or seems to be
There is always a dark side and a bright one
We can decide somehow whether we want to become influenced by something, which makes us depressed or not.
We can decide whether we look at the dark side of winter, or whether we look at the beautiful side of winter.
Winter has its beautiful side. It is cold of course, but it has this white elegance, which is very fascinating.
We can admire this elegance. Snowflaces are falling down. It is a wonderful picture drawn by nature.

If you keep this wonderful sides in your heart, you will always be able to find a way to feel happy!


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