Fascinating humans

Isn’t it fascinating how different we humans are?
It does not depend on whether we look on the outward appearance or at the personality
We are so different in every single way

But why do we choose the people, who are in our lives? Why do we exactly choose them?
I tried to find an answer for myself. Maybe you agree with it.
Of course it depends on where we are and where we live.
We meet people at school, at parties, at our activities, at our jobs etc.
We can meet people everywhere.
One important point is sympathy. Seeing someone and having the thought of this one might be a nice one is the first step.
It is just the first impression, but very important.
Of course you have to find a way to talk to this one to get a connection.
Time will show you whether the person is someone you want to have in your life or not.
You will learn much about the character and it is important whether you are in harmony together or not.
There are some, who I see and who look very fascinating to me. I cannot descibe it exactly it is a feeling I have about this person from the begining on.
These people are the ones with whom I mostly become friends.
It is fascinating finding these special ones, who make our lives more wonderful.

Isn’t it difficult to understand people?
When I am standing in front of someone it is like standing in front of a mistery
I know I will learn much about this person, if friendship works, but I also know that I will never understand this person completely.
You can talk about everything, you can share your thoughts, but you will never be able to see what is going on in his/her head.

It would be great, if it was possible to see how another one thinks. Of course no one would like to share every thought with everyone, but in general I guess it is very interesting to know about it.
Every relationship between two people seems so fascinating to me. It is always special, because there will never be the point when you can say. I know you. We will never know every detail, everything about each other
But what we are able to reach is that we can trust each other and we can talk about many things. We have this feelings for each other no matter about loving a friend or loving a boyfriend or girlfriend. This feelings connect us together.
Crazy that there is no way to find out how thoughts are structured by another person instead of ours.
These little magical secrets about everyone of us make life fascinating, make everyone of us a fascination!


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