Bad days

These days when you are very tired
You do not want to do anything
You do not want to see anyone
These depressed thoughtful days you have to get over

Another little task, which life has given to you
You are the one, who has to figure out, how to stand it

Of course you are able to stand these days
It is like darkness and light
There have to be bad days, because otherwise there would not be good ones
Or if it was possible to have only good days, we would not appreciate these ones anymore

There always have to be these good and bad days
We can learn to get over the bad ones
We can learn to enjoy the good ones
They both make us learn

We can use these experiences to make our lives more and more wonderful.
This way, which includes good and bad days, which is our way of life, will be the one, which forms our individual personalities.

No matter about having a bad day
Use your thoughts for finding a moment in which you was happy and you will see, that it is possible to smile on a bad day.
Smiling is the best medicine against bad days


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