Our special activities

There are these activities we are good in
We enjoy doing them and they are a part of our lives
They are not only a part
They are these special ones, which make us strong
We are doing them, because they make us feel alive
They make us feel wonderful, happy and they give us self confidence

They make us enjoy our lives in so many ways
We learn to figure out problems, which we could not stand in our lives. Our activities make us able to stand them.
We have to keep them and we can be proud of them, because we all have this special thing we are good in.

I am dancer. I live for dancing. It is the best what could have happened in my life.
I am proud of being the one I am now. Dance made me learn so many things.
I learned that it would be possible to reach things if I really wanted them.
There were and still are these moves I wanted and want to learn and I love working for it.
I made the experience that it takes time to reach something, but it does not matter how much time it takes to reach a goal
It is one way with one goal and it is possible to reach this goal. Some need more time others less, but everyone is able to reach it.

Keep your special activities you are good in
They are important for you and they make life more wonderful!


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