Thoughts about relationships

Don’t we have all these different relationships?
How should we explain anything, which is invisible, not touchable, a feeling?
Isn’t it like describing anything we can’t explain?

It’s the same as relationships
You can call someone a friend
But what does it mean?

It’s like finding a word for one family of flowers. Aren’t they all kind of different?

When we think about the world, nature and life is it possible to describe it the way it really is? There are always these little mysteries, which we can’t explain.

When I look at my friendships. I feel different about every single one. We’re all individuals. We’re all different. We’re special. Every special individuum becomes it own special feeling. That’s why we’re all feeling different about everyone and that’s the reason why we’re all beautiful and special the way we are!

Feelings make our life more wonderful. Friends and relationships are influenced by them. We will never be able to explain how we really feel about anyone, but we’re able to enjoy what we feel and to be happy about these wonderful special persons, who make our life wonderful!


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