Keep on believing in yourself!

Waking up in the morning
Feeling the warm sunshine in your face
You open your eyes
A new day starts
It is up to you in which way

You are influenced by the croud, but mostly it is up to you to create the day the way you want to enjoy it
Waking up with a smile is a good way to start a new wonderful day

You are a human, you want to be happy
You want to be a lucky one
You cannot wait until you become lucky, you have to hold your luck in your hands and carry it around
You have to keep it. You have to take care of it.
You are the one, who decides about happiness and sadness

And you have the chance to influence the people around you
You can make them laugh, make them happy, make them smile
And you have the chance to take care of them and yourself
Because if you love yourself you will be able to love these people
Figure it out to find a way you feel comfortible with
You will be able to be happy if you find this comfortible way
A comfortable way means to be happy yourself and to be able to make others happy

If you recognize you have to change yourself, you will have the strength and energy to change
You will become confronted with things you hate and things which are the reason for being the one you are now
But if you understand that these things are so important for you, that they influence you in the present, you will be able to get confronted with them to start changing yourself

Start changing it is so easy to say but it needs time, a lot of time and you will not be able to change from now on until tomorrow.
You are the one who has to make the first step
The first step and the second, third, fourth, fifth …
And you will be the first one who recognize if it works or fails
But no matter about what you are recognizing
You are not kind of perfect and you will never be
But you are able, if you understand, that it does not work, it will be possible to find another way, to make it work
No matter about how many times you fell down
You will get up every single time

It is like learning how to go. You need time, you need strength and you need the will to go step by step.
Ways are not strict, you can change them.
You do not have to go straight on, you can go curves.

A way has a starting point and end point.
The distance between these points are different up to every individuum
So won’t give up if you need more time to reach the end point, because you reach your goal and it does not matter how much time it takes.
Keep on going, keep on smiling and keep on believing in yourself!


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