You are never lonely!

Wake up. You are lying on the grass. It is green and soft.
You open your eyes, lying on the back, you see the blue cloudless sky.
It is dark blue and sunny. You feel the warm sunshine on your skin.
You are smiling, because it is wonderful where you are.
So you get up and look around.
You see the nature, but you are thinking about the flowers
You imagine you are one of them. You are growing on this wonderful green place and you enjoy living there.
You see all the flowers around you. They make you strong and they fight for you. If there is an animal, a hungry one, you are not the only one, who is in danger. They all are, so you are in danger but also save.
You are always with them. Some die, others are eaten, others get ill, but they are always there. You are never lonely.
So come back to reality. You can close your eyes and see the darkness, but you are also able to open them and to see all the wonderful people, who are around, who take care of you and who love you.
It is one of the most important things. You are never lonely. Keep that in mind. It is a feeling but it is never true. People are around you, people love you for what you are and you can be proud of yourself that you have found them.
You are a flower and there are flowers around you. That is the way it is!


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